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What can I do right now?

🦸‍♀️ Support climate heroes

If you’re able to spare some money, then consider donating to one of the world’s most important organisations that’s working to bring about an end to climate injustice: the global legal charity, Client Earth.

🚌 Travel smarter

If you’re able to do so, then make a commitment with yourself to travel more sustainably, and to avoid flying unless it’s absolutely necessary. You can find out more about low carbon travelling here.

🪙 Bank for the future

If you have a bank account, open a new account with a bank that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels. Here’s a list of banks that do invest in fossil fuels. While you’re at it, write to your current bank to let them know why you’re moving your money away from them.

🗳️ Get political

Take a small political action, and write to your representative to ask them to be a part of the solution, to support a post-fossil-fuels world and to phase out existing fossil fuel use. If you’re in the UK, there are some great tips and a very widely supported piece of policy already written up right here. If you’re outside the UK, please use it as inspiration.

What longer term positive actions can I take?