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Top 10 Next Steps

<aside> 🌓 This resource pack is a big one. Making the impossible possible will take work, but, if we do it, the future we will be creating for ourselves and our descendants will be beautiful. Here are our top ten steps to building a better future.


1. Reduce our carbon and nature footprints 👣

Voluntary, individual change isn’t going to be the answer in itself.

However, proactively reducing our carbon and nature footprints is a powerful step, and the most impactful way for us to instigate the change we want to see in the world.

We all make a difference every day, and small positive changes like eating fewer animal products (see after-session pack 2), switching to greener electricity (see after-session pack 1) and avoiding polluting travel (see after-session pack 3) all have a positive impact globally whilst locally, they help to nudge people and politics in the right direction.

2. Reduce waste whenever and wherever 🌀

...especially waste that can’t biodegrade.

We covered this in our second and third resource packs but (as revision) the key points are: